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No sales calls or pushy salesman; with CleanerView you just sign up and pay a fixed monthly or yearly amount (pay yearly and get a month free).

Simply choose one of our packages, enjoy our two-week free trial and begin to see the benefits of using CleanerView.

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Up to 5 employees, upgrade anytime

only pay when you exceed 5 cleaners

All the features you need, but no more

Easily manage your clients

Manage all your client details on an easy to follow client management dashboard. Be notified about required or outdated information and have easy access to the information that is most important.

Assign cleaners to visits

Once your visits have been added to CleanerView, administrators can easily assign cleaners to provide those services. When a cleaner is assigned, a timetable for that cleaner is automatically created, giving a seamless bridge between your rota and the timetables.

Cleaners are always up-to-date

Now that you've assigned your cleaners – where ever they are, they will always have the information they need on hand for when they need it. CleanerView can be accessed by any major smartphone. With all this information at their fingertips, your cleaners will always have the information they need to provide the best service possible.

GDPR compliant & secure

CleanerView is GDPR compliant and uses the latest encryption technologies to ensure your personal data is secure. All data is backed up daily and we provide assistance with exporting data when needed so you are never on your own.

Great return on investment

CleanerView users save hundreds of hours on administration per year and allow cleaning service businesses to grow to their full potential. Be safe in the knowledge that your company can grow and develop with a flexible system ready to back you up.

Need to set a one off visit?

CleanerView allows you to not only set regular visits, but also one-off visits. Simply add a one-off visit by clicking on a cell in your rota, and then adding the same as you would a regular visit – just enter the details and click "Add Visit".

Frequently asked questions

CleanerView is Free?

CleanerView is free for all new customers for the first 14 days. After that, cleaning companies with under 5 employees will enjoy CleanerView 100% free until they have more than 5 employees.

I loved my two-week trial, now what?

Great to hear, simply log into your account and you will be prompted to start a package based around your usage during the trial.

What is the minimum contract length?

We never tie any of our customers into contracts, allowing you to cancel at any time. You can always return to us and reactivate your account within a 6-month period.

I've recently downsized my company, can I downgrade?

With CleanerView, you can downgrade whenever you have less employees and then easily upgrade once you have more employees - so you only pay what you use.

Try it free for 14 days. No credit/debit card needed.

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Try it free for 14 days. No credit/debit card needed.

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